The Muthins Timeline


1985, Leslie Beloff, certified nutritionist started distribution of her own 56-calorie all-natural health muffins under the company name Muffin 56 Inc.

Fast-forward 26 years to 2011.

Leslie’s daughters, Ali and Chelsea along with a best friend Jennifer, now business graduates, decided to put their entrepreneurial instincts to work with their childhood values of health and nutrition at the forefront.

So they started experimenting…

and after two months of whisking, stirring, adding, subtracting, tasting and testing, the girls finally had it! The Muthin was born.


Shortly after the girls sampled their ground breaking Muthins to friends and family in their local Montreal neighbourhood, it was time for them to find an outlet to produce enough Muthins so the rest of their community can enjoy and experience Muthins too.

Their prayers were answered and Zoltan, a passionate and experienced baker in the Montreal food market joined the Muthin team and the Muthin bakery came into existence…

Carrot, Raisin, Banana and, of course, chocolate chip were the initial Muthin flavours. First round of packaging done…

The girls started sampling all over Montreal, with a goal to get a Muthin into the hands of every loved one, friend and local neighbor across the city.

The girls and their Muthins were getting such traction and attention, it was the perfect timing for what came next- the McGill Dobson Cup Business Plan Competition 2012.

Competing against over 200 other start-up business in Canada, Muthins ranked 5th place prize winner!


Soon after, with the fundings from their prize winning, Muthins hit the market with a complete new look and the launch of their website!

The girls continued to inspire, motivate and preach the importance of healthy snacking, well-balanced lifestyles and furthermore, the encouragement of women in business.


Keeping her mothers values dear to her heart, along with her two now mentor figures, Chelsea and Jennifer, Ali grabbed the steering wheel in the Muthins kitchen in 2015.

Three new and exciting flavors were added to the Muthin mix – apple cinnamon, lemon-poppyseed, and blueberry, along with a little brand refresh.

Ali continues to share her healthy snacking movement with an everlasting urge to innovate with new Muthin flavours, shapes and derivatives to accommodate her communities wants and needs.

Stay tuned…