Summer 17′ Recipes You Won’t Want To Miss!

Summer 17′ Recipes You Won’t Want To Miss!


Four weeks into June and summer is officially here!


Here are some fun summer recipes we came up with to help spice up your Muthins experience and your summer snacking!

1.     Muthins Sundae

What else screams summer like ice-cream? Adding some low-fat ice cream or frozen yogurt on top of your Muthin will definitely satisfy your sugar craving. INDULGENCE is of the essence with this first recipe. Finish it off with some fruit or nuts and voila!

2.     Carrot Cake

Did someone say carrot cake? Our carrot muffin goes perfect with any low fat cream cheese frosting or vegan alternative cream cheese. Garnished with some pumpkin seeds or shredded carrots, this recipe is the what we call GUILT-FREE heaven!

3.     Smoothie bowl

Refreshing, nutritious and super fun to decorate, these smoothie bowls are perfect for summer. Weather you use acai, banana or cauliflower and blueberry as your base, sprinkling some Muthin crumbles on top will bring up the fiber and protein content. Combine with a drizzle of organic pure maple syrup or coconut shreds….and your masterpiece is complete!

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