Fighting the Festive Fifteen ft. customized Muthins

Fighting the Festive Fifteen ft. customized Muthins

by Michelle Cooper McGill BCOM graduate student

Happy holidays and Happy New Years muthin lovers! For those of you
that are looking to fight that festive fifteen, Muthins are the perfect snack. The
launch of the new gluten free line allows those of you with dietary
restrictions and allergens to gluten to  indulge in these guilt-free
treats too! Each gluten free Muthin is under 150 calories and for me, they
helped with digestion and the carb-to-natural sugar content is the perfect  balance for that energy boost before my
workout. Muthins gluten-free are also high in protein and fiber content- not to
mentioned sugar-free, dairy-free, nut-free and kosher!

So I’m thinking…I HAVE TO SHARE THESE! Muthins is a great gift to
tell loved ones how you feel, especially with the new custom labels that will
be featured on Muthins packaging this holiday season and throughout the month
of January. These new festive limited-addition labels provide space for the sender
to write their name, along with the receivers name and space for a personalized
note. Help your friends and family kickstart their New Years resolution by
eating healthy, by eating Muthins 🙂


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