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Snack Attack- the healthy way

Snack Attack- the healthy way

by Naomi Trudeau

I’m a student at McMaster University in Ontario and in the rush of busy midterm season, I have discovered
some snacking habits for me to stay on track. What better way to do that than with
your favourite snack? Introducing Snack Attack.

5 simple ways I enjoy my Muthins- and I think you will too!

In order to make it the rush of your next class or study group, avoid feeling
grumbly stomachs at the library or for brain fuel for the next exam, try these
tips that help me:

Cut up your Muthin into small pieces and mix it with
your favourite yogurt. Especially Greek yogurt to have the value added protein.
This is a recipe for the PERFECT breakfast combo with both the protein and
fibre content to keep you full for longer.


Heat up your Muthin for 30-40 seconds in the
microwave. It will bring out the sweetness of the fruit, or melt the chocolate
chips so the muffin oozes down. Perfect warm snack for the fall/winter months
with a cup of coffee or tea.

Spread some almond butter or peanut butter on your
Muthin. Cut the muffin in half and spread peanut butter (or an alternative
spread) on the muffin. Then, place the muffin back together and enjoy- a Muthin


Need a break from exams? Host a fun breakfast brunch
with your friends featuring- MUthin skewers! Cut up a banana, your Muthin, and
some strawberries. Place the pieces on a skewer (or toothpick), the
presentation is beautiful on a pretty platter- and so much fun to eat!

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