Muthins European Adventure

Over the past three weeks, Muthins has been jet-setting across Europe! A splash of culture and crumpets from London, a taste of heaven from Paris…and of course, the most delicious for us- Italy. We had two goals in mind:

1. We needed some European inspiration for our gluten-free line.

and 2. well, the obvious! Continue to spread the healthy snacking revolution world wide!

We were delighted by what we saw…and tasted. People ARE snacking healthier, my friends. From the gluten-free pastas and pizza in Rome, the freshly picked fruits oozing from the pasteries in Capri and the variety of fine flours used for the breads in Paris.

A little something-something extra brought home to Zoltan at the Muthin bakery from Les Boulangeries in Paris and the mouth-watering Italian baked goods practically made fresh from Nonna’s kitchen in Italy…

Here’s a pic of MUthins enjoying La Dolce Vita in Sorrento, Italy. Check out the rest of our trip pictures on our instragram!

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